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Designer or Decorator?. . .

You may have occasionally heard the terms for interior decorator and interior designer interchanged.

However, there is a difference between the two titles.

An interior decorator generally refers to someone who deals with finishes, surfaces, furniture, and wall coverings. An interior decorator may work in a variety of venues from a design showroom to a remodeling retail store. There is no government regulation regarding the work of an interior decorator.

An interior designer is a more specialized career field, requiring a certain combined level of education, work experience, and licensing.

An interior designer may create spaces for the inside of a commercial office building, design the lighting for a restaurant, or select the furnishings of a home that also encompass all of the areas than a decorator covers. An interior designer may also deal with issues of safety like accessibility and building codes.

Our Philosophy!

Our goal is simple: To help clients create spaces that more accurately reflect who they are and that evoke a truer feeling of home.

Much of your most prized time is spent in your home- whether with family, with friends, or by yourself. Because so much of your life occurs in your home, it's only fitting that it should be an environment that reflects your personality and creates the greatest sense of comfort- for you and for those with whom you share it.

Although the process of developing an appropriate style and tying all the elements together into an identity that truly complements you may seem overwhelming, if not daunting, it doesn't have to be. Through a collaborative, close-knit working relationship built on a thorough understanding of your desires and objectives, we bring a wealth of experience and creative energy that will hone the myriad of options into a crisp, exhilarating representation of you.

We can work within a variety of styles, traditional to contemporary, and regardless of size or scope, our fullest energy and commitment are dedicated to making your project extraordinary.

And, as an independent agent, we do not represent any interior products or contractor services. Our vast knowledge and understanding of a broad range of products and services allows us to deliver recommendations and outcomes reflecting unbiased, best-tailored solutions for your needs.