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"Susie's talents as an interior designer and construction project manager, coupled with her exceptional ability to communicate with and understand people, made her one of our most treasured and valued team members.

She sets standards of achievement for herself, loves to rise to a challenge, and establishes high standards for each project. She is an inspiring leader and her energy permeates all of those fortunate to be around her.

Her role in shaping the new look of Nordstrom was critical in defining our current sales floor identity in Nordstrom full line stores, Nordstrom Rack, and Faconnable boutiques nationwide.

One of my favorite things about Susie is she never loses her smile, even under pressure, and makes the projects of which she is a part fun for everyone involved. We are fortunate to have been able to call her one of ours."

- Dan Nordstrom, Co-President - Nordstrom, Inc.

". . .one of our finest employees embodying the Nordstrom Way by following the principles of excellence and service upon which our company has its success. Susie not only embodied these principles, but she lived them in every aspect of her service to the company.

Susie is a talented designer and a very special person. She will always be part of the Nordstrom family; our love and support are with her."

- Bruce A. Nordstrom, Chairman of the Board of Directors - Nordstrom, Inc.

"Susie's organizational skills, key perceptions, and untiring energy were incredible assets during a crucial time of change and revitalization in the Concepts and Interiors Department. Her efforts to help reshape perceptions of the department's work to those of responsive, well-conceived, and efficient, were vital and always focused on benefits to the shopper's experience. This is the reputation we have to this day and I credit Susie with helping bring this shared vision to life."

- Susan Morton, ISP Director of Interior Design and Concepts Nordstrom, Inc.

"Susan gets the big picture. Not only does she approach problems with an analytical mindset, but she's versatile and can adapt creatively to client styles. She has the drive to achieve the goals she sets for herself and the enthusiasm to go beyond them."

- Erie Stone, AIA Principal Callison Architecture

Some words from a few of our wonderful clients. . .

"Susan has an uncanny ability to perceive people's true emodiment. She is able to design for the whole person,
even if their needs are not fully described to her in
words. I always look forward to collaborating on a project with Susan."

- Christine Bates, Senior Interior Designer - Callison Architecture

"I have worked with Susan on very detailed, high-end projects and her professionalism, knowledge, and personal integrity is without question. I highly recommend her for any design project and am confident the work will be delivered at an extremely high level."

- Greg Montileone, Vice President - Florida Operations IBEX Construction

"There is little in life that gets me as excited as when having the opportunity to work with people who are so incredibly amazing at what they do. And to me, amazing isn't just having talent, but it's a timeliness, energy, an ability to make things happen. . .when they decide it's time to happen.

You both bring such incredible energy to people like me. It's energy like yours that sets the tone for people like my staff. I don't think they would have believed me if I had to sell this one on my own. but the presence, energy, creativity and talent that you brought was what ultimately made this happen. I am now very proud to bring people to our business home.

My team can now be proud of the space in which they work and in the end, they can continue to be their true and best selves. Much like both of you."

- Michael Sullivan, President - Automated Records Center

"Your energy is dynamite! I am sure there is nothing you can't do! I am SO proud of how you have created a consistent routine with the method and made a real lifestyle change that seems to make you really happy! That is so inspiring to me. YOU are incredibly talented. I must have the kitchen in slide 5 someday!! WOW! That is like my dream kitchen. All of your work is incredible. Please let me know when your site is up and if you take referrals. Thank you so much for today!"

- Tracy Anderson, Co-Owner of the Tracy Anderson Method with Gwyneth Paltrow - Celebrity Fitness Guru

"Also, we went ahead and did the blue paint on the ceilings and entry walls in the basement and it looks really cool! We would never have thought of that...thanks! You should raise your hourly rate because you are totally worth every penny! Thanks so much."

- Cari Gustafson