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Other Storage Options

In addition to closet applications we welcome the opportunity to discuss organizational options and ideas to aid you in a number of other household applications. Whether it’s a pantry, a washroom, a mudroom, or a home office, we can take the same desire to alleviate clutter in your closets and translate it into a wide variety of supremely functional outcomes throughout the house.

By employing a collaborative dialogue and a design process focused on discerning the distinct aspects of your situation, we’re confident you will find the time spent allowing us to be part of your review process to be worthwhile.

Custom Closets

Closets say a lot about a person. Not only in the garments they house, as a reflection of personal style, but in how they are organized and kept. For most people a messy closet is a certainty of life, a close third to death and taxes. The reality is that a disorganized closet is not as much a statement about the person as it is a statement about the inefficiencies and inadequacies we accept as irreversible—typically the by-product of “existing shelving” (often times wire) that was never intended or designed for our vastly varied needs.

Getting a handle on clutter is by no means easy, but the process is greatly aided with the right system or “framework” to support your efforts. At Spaces Design we work with you to understand how it is that you’d like to affect change with your organizing efforts and then we go about designing a system to help get you to that place. Whether it’s a walk-in, reach-in, or irregular shape, we’ll help channel your frustration and hope into a tangible outcome.

The good news is that we come to you. Provided you’re interested in speaking with us about your storage/organization needs, we will work to arrange a convenient meeting time at your home to learn more about your goals for the space and how we can aid those efforts.

Once we’ve established an initial sense of your needs, we will measure your closets and work to draw up initial designs, and an estimate.

Feel free to call us to arrange a consultation or to ask preliminary questions about or process…we welcome your call.